PC hoard #R-9


This module may be tested with the help of a monitor amp. Patch the monitor amp to the bottom SLEW's output (dual blue jacks in rectangle). Patch a patchcord from the pulse output (red jacks) into the SLEW's main input (diamond). Turn the internal rate control fully clockwise. You should have heard an upward glissando of a sawtooth type sound ending at approximately 500 cps (octave above middle C), Patch a patchcord from the SLEW's output into the VC input. This input is directly above the two knobs. Turn the processing knob to the right and left. You should hear a raising of pitch (right turn) and a lowering of pitch (CCW). The processing knob has a rounded frame.

This completes the test for the Bottom most SLEW. Test the upper most SLEW following the same procedure. Note that the top-most SLEW is tuned an octave higher in pitch, and goes therefore to approximately 1000 Cps.