Special instructions concerning the "MOD" module

  The "MOD" module consists of one VCA and one RING modulator. These two modules are built in two nearly identical halves on the PC board. One each of the halves is labelled "RING" and "VCA" respectively. When laying out your PANEL and its graphics, make sure to lay the graphics in the proper order. To obtain this order, you should check the placement of the RING and VCA halves on the PC board, since these have to correspond in space with the faceplate graphics. Seen from the PC wired side, the faceplate graphics should be aligned in the same way, i.e. should the "RING" be on the left-on the PC trace side of the PC board, the "RING"'s graphics will be on the left of the VCA on the PANEL.

Another thing to be watchful for is the fact that both halves of the module have identical lettering. Please be careful not to wire to the wrong pad!