Original Serge Kit instructions

These are provided as a historical reference for people who have aquired stray Serge kit pcbs, or find themselves wanting to service or rewire older model Serge modulars.

You accept all responsibility for anything you may do to your instrument as a result of reading these instructions. Unless you are experienced in these matters, it is recommended you leave modifications and service to qualified people.

This list is in no way complete. If you have any Serge kit manuals/pages you can contribute, please contact me.

Serge Modular Kit Manual (General and common instructions). Note that missing pages 5-11 have been substituted from other versions (indicated by red and blue text), so some references to appendix are incorrect.

Analog Shift Register
Control Module
Divide by 'N' Comparator
Dual Audio Mixer
Dual Random Voltage Generator
Dual Transient Generator
Dual Universal Slope Generator
Extended Range VC Filter
Keyboard Envelope Generator
Led Mounting Diagram
Negative Slew
Noise Source
New Timbral Oscillator
Positive Slew
Precision VC Oscillator
Preamp Detector
Quad VCA (101 PCB)
Random Voltage Generator
Resonant Equalizer
Reverb Spring Mounting Instructions
Ring Modulator (R6)
Special instructions concerning the "MOD" module (R6)
Sequencer (10 stages) (R16)
Smooth & Stepped Function Generator
Stereo Output Mixer
Touch Activated Keyboard Sequencer
Touch Activated Keyboard Sequencer Modifications
Triple Bi-Directional Router
Triple Comparator
Triple VC Waveshaper
Triple VC Waveshaper (r5)
Triple VC Waveshaper with panel mounted pots (r5)
Universal Audio Processor
Universal Equal Power Audio Processor
VCA / Gate (R6)
Variable Band-Pass Filter
Variable "Q" Filter
Variable Slope Filter
VC Phaser
VC Wave Multipliers
VC Wave Multipliers (old)
VC Wave Multipliers Mods (OLD modules only) STS units will already be built this way.
Wilson Analog Delay


Modifications For The Serge Synthesizer (price list for historical reference only)
Dual Octave Switcher Modification


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