Doug Lynner's 1975 "Mystery Serge"

Composer/musician Doug Lynner purchased this Serge modular synthesizer in 1975 while he was a composition student at The California Institute Of The Arts in Valencia, California. It is believed to be the first "commercial" serge, i.e., it was built on order for Doug, not by him. It started life as a 4-panel system plus a spring reverb boat. It was used to do a lot of demoing for Serge, so the reverb was quickly replaced with a 5th panel of newer modules.

Kevin Braheny Fortune completely refurbished it in 2012, adding new features and live performance enhancements. The Mystery Serge earned its name because some of the original graphics no longer reflect some current module configurations and features.

Doug Lynner's Mystery Serge has been used in film and video scoring and live and in-studio for the synth pop bands LEM, Moebius and Invisible Zoo.

Recent recordings using the instrument can be found at

A recent video of it in live performance along with a short presentation about the instrument can be seen below.


Sequencer Panel


CV Panel


CV Panel


VCO Panel




Naming Day

September 2012 the Mystery Serge naming day with Kevin Braheny Fortune, Doug Lynner and the Mystery Serge.

Naming Day photograph copyright 2012 Patrick Salsbury.
Other photographs copyright 2012 Kevin Braheny Fortune.
Used with permission.


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