N Voice Controller/Casio Interface


The Serge N Voice Controller is a monophonic and polyphonic controller for use with the modular synthesizer. Control voltage and gate outputs are provided for 1, 2, 4, 6, and 8 voice operation, with additional triggers for 1 and 2 voice operation with ADSR type envelope generators. The module contains an 8-bit micro-processor which decodes the internal digital signals from the Casio electronic keyboards, converting them to control voltages, gates, and triggers for the synthesizer. The hardware for the controller consists of a micro-processor PC board with a small amount of read/write memory and a pre-programmed ROM.

An 8-bit Digital-to-Analog Converter is driven by the micro-processor to produce the 1 volt per octave control voltages (CV's), and a set of buffered latches drive the 5 volt positive gates and triggers. Digital signals from the Casio keyboard are sent from a multi-pin connector to the N Voice Controller. Eight outputs for control voltages are sent to the blue front panel jacks. Gates and Triggers appear at the red jacks, and LED's adjacent to the gates and triggers show the activity of these signals. Three switches on the module provide for Resetting the unit, tuning SELECT, and switching voice MODES.

Hardware Software Development Notes

Microsport Micro Computer - MMC circuit board.

Microsport Micro Computer - MMC circuit board.

Serge MDAC 216 PCB.




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