Glide (1975)

lit LED Twelve of these voltage controlled Glide modules were included on one panel of the 1975 La Trobe university synthesizer. They may be the only examples ever made.

They each consist of two parts, a buffered RC delay in which the R portion is a photocell, and an LED driver. The LEDs themselves are very crude devices, cased in transparent red TO-92 cases. When lit, these LEDs light their own wafer, but not much else.

The PCB was hand etched from copper clad matrix board, and includes the circuitry for all twelve modules. Some parts are soldered directly to the pins of the panel-mounted pots.

Light-proofing was provided by layers of black PVC electrical tape and a couple sheets of brown card. The electrical tape light-proofing extended to covering the rear of any panel holes that were not used, and the tiny holes in the folded aluminium "boats". There was no inter-module light isolation, the outputs of the LEDs being too dim to cause concern.

Right: Yes, that LED is lit!


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