Known Serge modules.

Work in progress. Not all known modules are listed. There may be other errors.

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Serge boardDescription
1st Generation (1973)
R1 PRCdual voltage processorPanel ArtPanel Art 2
R2 MIXdual mixerPanel ArtPanel Art 2
R3 P&Tpeak and troughPanel Art
R4 ROUtriple bi-directional routerPanel Art
R4 ???bi-directionalquad switch
R5 TWStriple waveshaperPanel Art
R6 MODgate/ring modulatorPanel Art
R7 ENVenvelope generator
R8 VCOvoltage controlled oscillatorPanel Art
R9 NEGdual negative slewPanel Art
R10 POSdual positive slewPanel Art
R11 COMtriple comparator and Schmitt triggerPanel Art
R12 VCFvoltage controlled filter
R13 PSDpower supply decoupling
R14 ???high gain amps/send and receive.
R15 PRGprogrammer
R16 SEQsequencer
GLIDEGlide (voltage controlled)
2nd Generation
SSG20smooth and stepped function generatorPanel Art
NOISEnoise generator (and s&h)
RVGrandom voltage generatorPanel Art
rate controlled S&HPanel Art
PHAvc phase shifterPanel ArtPanel Art 2
8875REVReverb and preamp.
MIX MIXMixerPanel Art
??? MIXSend and receive
1075SR ASRanalog shift registerPanel Art
TRKTouch responsive keyboard, from Synapse
KEGKeyboard Envelope GeneratorPanel Art
3rd Generation (1977)
101 QCAquad vca
102 PANdual stereo equal power driver
103 MIXERdual mixer
104 QPANquadraphonic equal power driver
106 NTO/VCOpco and nto core
107 NTO/CONnto vc waveshaping, vc slew and vc fm
110 VCF2variable bandwidth vcf
111 VCFSvariable slope vcf
112 VCFQvariable q vcf / extended range vcf
113 VCMwave multipliersPanel Art
114 DSGdual universal slope generator / dual transient generator    
115 KBDtouch activated keyboard sequencer TKB
116 ADSRextended adsrPanel Art
PEFpitch and envelope follower
4th Generation (1981)
201 APactive processor
202 EQresonant equalizerPanel Art
203 MIXaudio mixer, maybe cv processing/scaling/buffering too
204 SQPn step sequencer/programmer
205 NCOMdivide/n comparator, dual comparator, Schmitt trigger
206 VCA1dual VCA
207 VCA2stereo equal power driver
208 WADWilson Analog Delay
209 RINGbalanced modulator
210 QUANquantizer
211 FS/APallpass ladder for frequency shifter
212 QUOquadrature oscillator
213 FS/SPsignal processor for frequency shifter
214 2VCAdual exponential response vca
215 EFenvelope follower and preamp (no info on preamp)
216 MDACN Voice Controller
225 PDIVSTS Pulse Divider
229 AMXSTS Audio Mixer w/ Phase Switch
VCFBVoltage Controlled Filter Bank


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Art files courtesy of CJ Miller, Jon Nensén, Ken Stone, Serge. Personal use allowed.


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