R16 Sequencer

This is a basic 10 step "gate" sequencer. In order to get sequenced voltages, it was necessary to patch this to a programmer (PRG). The earliest panel layout is odd in that it is only 6 inches tall instead of the 7 inches of a 4U rack. The bulk of the panel was filled with multiple jacks, possibly to aid with the distribution of the outputs to various other modules. Note that in the photo, green jacks are used for Gate type inputs while red jacks are used for Gate type outputs. Multiple jacks (MULT) are yellow. Evidently, stackable banana plugs were not as common then as they are now, because the Multiple jacks have completely vanished from modern systems.



The second panel design (left) saw it use less panel real estate, allowing it to share a common panel with a couple of programmers.

With the abandonment of rigid 1 inch vertical spacing, the third panel design (right) was half that width again.

This module used a single +6 volt power rail, effectively setting the output voltages around 5V. The dropping of this module from the product line probably corresponded with the abandonment the +6 volt power rail, later instruments using just +12 and -12 volts.

PCB connections:
A = 1 output
B = 2 output
C = 3 output
D = 4 output
E = 5 output
F = 6 output
G = 7 output
H = 8 output
I = 9 output
J = 10 output
K = Clock input
L = Hold input
M = + to reset switch
N = From reset switch
O = Reset input
U = not used (0v)
W = 0v
Y = +6v


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