R4 Bi-Directional Router "ROU"

The analog switches are as per the example given in the 1978 Motorola Databook for the MC14007UB, and most likely also in earlier ones as well.

Note that the Router is truly bi-directional since B can be used either as an input or as an output. If B is used as an output, then Al and A2 must be used as inputs, and vice versa.Please avoid plugging outputs of various modules into both the B jack and either one of the A jacks. This is to be avoided since effectively it is the same as plugging two outputs together, therefore shorting them out one against the other.

Photos are from a unit made in 1973.

Kit instructions


Left to right: 1973 panel, 1973 PCB.



The above two photos are courtesy of Dave Brown.

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